Software Engineering

We create the software you need on various platfoms and offers end-to-end software design solutions for connecting software to device or cloud for administration, monitoring and analyzing data from Concept to Product.
- Embedded software development for ARM Microcontrolers (C, C++)
- Peripheral Device Driver Development
- Solutions for Cloud, IoT and Mobility
- Application Development and Maintenance
- Mobile App Development Android, iOS and Windows
- GUI design, Tools and Utilities Development
- Web and Server Application Development (Javascript, Php)
- Custom controls software TCP/IP Server/Client (C++, Delphi)
- Network Communications HTTP(S), SSL, TLS, Rest, AMQP, MQTT, NTP, SOAP etc.
- Custom MQTT Brokers, control/monitor/event management
- Data Visualization Services
- Database and data analytics services


Hardware Engineering

We have a strong expertise in advanced, Embedded, complex board design and development for The segments that are Automotive, Sensor Network, Wireless, Instrumentation, Medical and Industrial Process Control.
- from paper specification to architecture definition,
- from proof-of-concept to component selection and placement,
- from PCB layout to PCB fabrication.

Microcontrollers based solutions by Microchip, NXP/Freescale, TI, STM, Renesas.
As a full services Hardware engineering and manufacturing company for provide PCB circuit develop,
- industrial design,
- sample manufacture,
- enclosure tooling,
- product testing and pre-testing of various compliance including CE, EMC and EMI

Connectivity end-to-end solutions including GSM/GPRS, NB-IoT, LORA, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, CAN, RS485, Modbus, TCP/IP.
We complements the design efforts of in-house R&D teams, helping the customer to considerable reduce product development time and costs.

System Design

We offer product design, development solutions, design optimization and analysis techniques that focus on the component, sub-system or full system level for the wide variety of Industrial systems.
Cloud migration solutions either to the public, private or hybrid clouds.
Experience of engineering Industrial grade hardware and software products.
Implement sophisticated features on various protocols
Remote Application management
TCP/IP Server/Client both embedded device and Cloud WAN/LAN doimains
TCP/IP Modbus, MQTT applications, CAN, RS485 Modbus local network interface


Technical Support / Consulting

Strategic IIoT Platform decisions are more reliant on cloud-based data and applications
Flexible embedded device solutions to support public, private, and hybrid clouds
IIoT solutions with security, privacy, safety, reliability and resilience
Service Design as the bridge between the physical and the digital world
Consultants to help with integrating the products in your system
Security consultancy services for both hardware and software design.