IIoT Technology Production

IIoT Platform Interdependencies - How dependent is a system on other systems in your organization? The Sosyal Makina hybrid cloud IIoT platfom model create new challenges in resolving service Portability and device Security. Integrity of Firmware verified has not been corrupted or maliciously modified. Authenticity of Firmware prevent unauthorized entities to install and execute Iot application software.

Consideration of Portability, backup plan and disaster recovery based flexible solution
  • Secure IoT Device and Hybrid Cloud Platform Solution
  • Isolation of Applications and Device Authentication/Authorization
  • Service Continuity, Enables Migration of Applications on Public Cloud Providers
  • Industrial Data Analytics and Visualization
  • IIoT Technology Production and Consulting Services

Latest Applications News

  • Medical Device Production

    Hardware design Medical electronic device turnkey product engineering services, we designed hardware with International medical standards for POLIFARMA

  • System Network Integration

    Software design Hospital integration of 'Barcode Tube Labeler' TCP Server software and MYSQL database strucre and software design for GELECEK Mühendislik

  • IIoT Monitor Sysyem

    Software&Hardware design Industrial Cooler Remote Monitor and control system, temperature and power monitoring/alerting for GREENCOOLER